The Truth About Islam

I replied to a blog recently in which the author, a professing Christian, defended the current national policies that are allowing this flood of Syrian refugees into our country. He built his position on the premise that Christianity knows no borders, and that we must allow these refugees to flood our country if we’re to be obedient to the Great Commission. He went into to write in his blog that Christians must be willing accept the risk that Islamic terrorists could potentially slip in among the refugees, and he repeated that sentiment in several of his replies to other bloggers who took him to task. He used the examples of the Apostles who risked their lives daily to preach the gospel in areas of the world where it was unpopular. If the author of that blog wants to put his life and the lives of his family at risk, that’s his choice. But he has no right to tell me that I must risk my life and the lives of my family and that was clearly what he was implying. If he truly feels that way, he should go be a Christian missionary in a Muslim country and I will support him any way I can. That’s how I feel about that.

I understand that we will face persecution for our Christian beliefs and we’re already seeing that happen right here in America. I’m not taking the position that we should hide and cower and not share our faith. Yes, like the Apostles and other leaders of the early church, there will be times when we face risk, and there might be times when sharing our faith could potentially endanger our very lives. But there is a difference between being prudent and acting foolishly. At all times we should call on God through prayer and ask for Godly discernment. We’re never called to be fools.  Throwing open our borders is foolishness. The Apostles never threw caution to the wind and never acted like fools. There were times when they were prudent, like when Paul was lowered in a basket through a hole in the wall to escape from those who were trying to kill him.

At some point in the flurry of replies and rebuttals, the comment was made that God is no respecter of nations. In my rebuttal, I told him flat out that he is wrong, that it is God who establishes borders and raises up nations. God told Moses exactly where to draw the boundary lines for the nation of Israel. In the interest of maintaining national identity, Ezra and Nehemiah commanded all Jews who had married foreigners to send their wives away, and then they commanded the Jewish people to separate themselves from foreign people. So maintaining a national identity does not go against Biblical principles, contrary to what this blogger suggested in his post.

In my rebuttal, I also pointed out the need to provide for our national security. I made a reference to the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile as an example. By allowing this flood of refugees into our country, I said it would erode our ability to defend our country because we don’t know how many of these Syrian refugees are potential terrorists. It’s perfectly okay to share our faith with a sword in one hand, while working on the wall with the other.

His reply echoed the opinions of many well meaning but misguided Christians: “Your argument is built upon the assumption that most or all Muslims are militant extremists.” In my reply back to him, I stated that if only 10% of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are radical, that still comes to 160 million radical Muslims who are willing to kill anyone who refuses to accept Islam. 160 million: That’s more than the total number of soldiers who fought on both sides of both world wars.

But as I thought more about what he said, that “my argument is built upon the assumption that most or all Muslims are militant extremists”, I came to realize the futility of his position. And I also came to understand a very fundamental truth. It does not matter whether the vast majority of Muslims are militant extremists, or whether the radicals make up a very small percentage of Islam. It does not matter because the truth is, Islam stands condemned already. I say again: Islam stands condemned already. I don’t condemn Islam because Islam is already doomed. The same can be said of Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology  native American spiritualism, or of any of the eastern new age religions. And yes, it even includes Judaism. Any religious system that does not profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the World and the only way to Heaven, and any individual who does not accept and embrace Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior stands condemned.

Okay, you might say to yourselves, “I worship in a religious system that DOES profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. So I’m good” Here’s another truth: Allegiance to a religious system will not save anyone. Let me repeat that: Allegiance to a religious system will not save anyone. You can be a good Southern Baptist, a good Catholic, a good Methodist, a good Presbyterian, or whatever. You can faithfully attend a non-denominational church but if you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your savior….personally, then you stand just as condemned. Don’t misunderstand; it’s good to be part of a Bible believing church. In fact it’s essential that we gather corporately and worship as part of a Bible believing church. But having your name on the membership roll of a church does not mean your name is automatically included in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I went off on a bit of a tangent there but it was essential to emphasize that point.

The final event on the prophetic calendar is the rapture of the church. That might be coming in just a few short years, or a few short months, or sooner. After the rapture comes the seven year tribulation followed by the thousand year reign of our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth. It does not matter then, whether the majority of Muslims today are radical extremists, or whether it’s only a very small percentage. By the time Christ sets up His millennial kingdom, Islam will be extinct. Buddhism will be extinct. Hinduism will be extinct. Any system of religion that denies Jesus Christ will be extinct. Any Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, or follower of any faith who trusted in their religious system but did not call on the name of Jesus will be condemned. John 3:18 says,  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

So you see, it’s almost irrelevant to argue about whether or not Islam is a religion of peace. It’s almost pointless to argue that only a small percentage of Muslims are radicals. Because the truth is, ANYONE  who does not call on the name of Jesus stands condemned. That’s true of the most peaceful Muslim or Buddhist you may know. It’s true of the most faithful Catholic or Protestant you may know. Anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ stands condemned already. But herein lies the message of Hope. Anyone who does call on the name of Jesus will be saved. And that will include anyone who once practiced Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, native American spiritualism, or whatever “ism” or “ology” there might be out there.  “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” In case anyone missed it, that name is Jesus Christ.