From a sermon by W.A Criswell – An Illustration of God’s Love

From Doctor Criswell’s sermon from October of 1987:

I think one of the most moving things that I can remember from America’s last war, there were two young men serving the army. They were in uniform, and when you’re in uniform and when you are fighting in combat; whether you came from a rich home or whether you came from a poor home; you look exactly alike.  One of these young men came from a most affluent family, and the other one was homeless, he was an orphan.  And those two young men became steadfast friends as they marched and fought together in the army.  They were fighting in the midst of a furious battle. And when the battle was raging, the affluent son took out of his pocket a sealed letter with an address on the front.  It was his father’s name and address.  He took that sealed letter and laid it in the hands of his friend, and said to him, “If I don’t come back, if I don’t outlive this battle, promise me that you, if you live, that you will deliver this letter to this address and to this man.”  The other young man faithfully promised; and after the battle was fought, the affluent young man didn’t come back, he didn’t survive.  And when the war was over, his friend took that sealed letter, made his way to the city, made his way to the address, and before a palatial home knocked at the door.

The husband and father and owner of the house came and opened the door, and saw standing there this young soldier.  He placed that letter in the hands of his friend’s father.  And the father opened it, and read it: “Dear Father, if I don’t come back, I’m asking that you receive this man, my friend, as your own; that he be your boy and your son.”  The father flung wide the door, and said to the lad, “For my son’s sake, for my boy’s sake, come in, come in.”

That is exactly and precisely what God has done for us.  “For my son’s sake, for my boy’s sake, come in, come in.”  We are beloved in Him. We are precious in His sight because of Him.  He paid the penalty for our sins.  We are justified in His love and grace.  He came into this world to seek us and to save us ; and for His sake God loves us.